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Living in the land down under

Laura Sayles

I was born in California, USA. I'm a TCK was raised in Thailand and California before making the big leap to Middle Earth (aka New Zealand). I'll be here for at least another year. I went to college in Santa Barbara, CA before moving down here.

Plans post grad and the eventual end of my student-centered blog

Hey everyone, just wanted to update people on where I’m at in life academically at the moment. A lot of stuff has happened but I’ll just break down the major, major questions that are constantly asked to me. 1.) What are you doing now? I am in my third and last year of nursing school

Short visit to Stewart Island

Hey everyone. Sorry for not posting more often, I just had a whirlwind of a second semester at my school. After all that hard work, I am finally on to my last year of nursing school (woo hoo!). I will address in another post about my potential plan after my studies are done but for

Happy Belated Birthday to me

My birthday was actually on the 1st of June but I decided to post about it now (for no reason, really). Two years ago I had about 40-something friends who wished me a happy birthday on facebook, last year it was about 35 and this year only 20-something friends wished me happy birthday (most of

Things you ladies may need before coming to New Zealand

This post is mostly aimed at Americans (because America is my only frame of reference in terms of Western countries besides New Zealand) but it may be helpful to other women from other countries. New Zealand is a country that has all that you need BUT it may not have the brands you may be

That one time in Welly…

So a few days ago I had just got back from Wellington. I stayed with my partner’s mum’s family and had an amazing time. I had originally visited Wellington for the first time around Christmas. I was planning on meeting up with my parents a few days before Christmas and then embark with them on

Examining the Moeraki Boulders (or those mysterious beach marbles)

The Moeraki Boulders are located in the Otago region in the South Island of New Zealand. It takes one hour of driving north of Dunedin or about four hours driving south of Christchurch to see them. No one really knows how or why they’re there but there are Maori legends that claim the boulders are

Afternoon in Australia

Before landing in NZ I had a long layover in Sydney. I had never visited Australia before, so I figured why not? Sydney was all I hoped for and even more. It is an unbelievably beautiful and clean city. It was enthralling to be in a big city again. The last time I was in

A brief interlude to Thailand

While I know this blog should be mainly focused on New Zealand, I can’t help but feel it would be wrong to not mention my visit to Thailand this past month. Now Thailand certainly wasn’t on my agenda for 2012 or 2013. I had planned to get a job over summer (December-February here) but all

After my first school year abroad I have to admit,

I had more mediocre days than amazing days but there is one thing that makes New Zealand cooler than the US. Two words: Robbie Williams. I love his music and listen to it all the time. Barely anyone in the States I’m friends with knows about him but outside of the US, it seems like

A lesson on food in New Zealand.

A few weeks ago I went out with my partner and his brother to a Cobb and Co (NZ restaurant chain) for lunch. We ordered a delicious meal + a pav, which was great but I also had an extra lesson in food in New Zealand. So here’s what I know about food. My frame

Wow, my first post!

Hi everyone. I am Laura/sushirolla. I was invited by studentsgoneglobal to be one it’s bloggers and I’m happy I said yes. However, this is my first time using wordpress, so it will take awhile until my blog becomes somewhat decent. Last Friday marks my 7th month living in gorgeous New Zealand. I’ve been in school

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